Sleep like Royalty in our King-Size XL beds...



Antiqua Guest House is directed by Johan Swart.

Antiqua Guest House is managed by Werlene Botha

We are approachable but not invasive. We are accommodating but also strict. Please speak to us to if you have any additional requirements. We can accommodate you in Afrikaans and English.

We are all about Antiques in the Outeniqua. We are Antiqua! 

Antiqua is unique. Antiqua can best be described as a gallery. Antiqua was conceived in the passionate pursuit of beauty. It is an expression of love.
Antiqua Guest House is outfitted with only the finest antique solid wood furniture, hand-woven oriental rugs and caressed with handpicked works of art. Antiqua’s piazza boasts a fountain with a mountain view in the background. At Antiqua we aspire to be green and energy-efficient.
Sleep like Royalty in our King-Size Extra Length beds. All rooms are equipped with thermal insulation, Netflix, refrigerator, microwave, kettle, and a laptop-friendly work area. Antiqua features private en-suite bathrooms. Antiqua Guest House has been thermally insulated to ensure natural temperature stabilization.
Secure parking on-site parking and free Wi-fi are complimentary to every guest’s stay.
Antiqua Guest House is within 8 km of Outeniqua Pass. Popular points of interest nearby include George Museum, George Medi Clinic, George Provincial Hospital, Outeniqua Transport Museum and Garden Route Botanical Gardens. Oakhurst George Arts Theatre is 1 km from Antiqua Guest House. The nearest airport is George Airport, 11 km from the accommodation. George is the second-largest city in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The city is a popular holiday and conference center and the administrative, commercial hub and the capital city of the Garden Route.
The city is situated halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth on the Garden Route. It is situated on a 10-kilometer plateau between the Outeniqua Mountains to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south.

-Terms and Conditions-

By making a booking you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted our terms and conditions.

  1. All persons entering this property and using its facilities, parking areas, and outside spaces, do so entirely at their own risk. Neither the owner nor its employees and/ or representatives shall be responsible and or liable in respect of theft and/or loss and/or damages sustained to property or persons or any customer and or employee and/or patrons whilst on the premises for whatsoever reason.
  2. You confirm that you can produce all required documentation and permits as prescribed by the government regarding COVID-19 lockdown regulations, when applicable.
  3. Antiqua Guest House is all about Antiques in the Outeniqua!  We regularly update some of your key showpieces. Furniture in the rooms may thus be different from the ones you see in photos.
  4. No Meals are served at Antiqua Guest House.
  5. CHECK-IN from 3 PM till 8 PM and CHECK-OUT before 10 AM. Late/Early Check may be requested but is subject to approval. A late/early fee may apply and will be calculated at ZAR100 per hour or a portion thereof.
  6. Antiqua’s normal office hours are from 10 am till 5 pm on weekdays. Guests who Check-In outside the normal office hours may be navigated to their rooms telephonically.
  7. All accounts and bills are PAYABLE UPFRONT.
  8. You will find a sign posted at the door of the bedroom, should you wish for us to service your Room please indicate as such or should you wish the room to be kept private, no service, simply turn the sign accordingly.
  9. Please leave the ROOM KEYS in the POST BOX by the gate or in your ROOM’S DOOR at departure
  10. Strictly NON-SMOKING zone inside the house. Smoking is permitted outside the house only. Please use the ashtrays provided. A ZAR1000 penalty per day per room is applicable to guests who smoke in rooms. Smoking includes but is not limited to cigarettes, vapes, candles, unauthorized cooking, burning incense, unauthorized heaters, any embers, coals, ashes, or smoke. The absolute discretion of management regarding what constitutes smoking and when there has been smoked will apply.
  11. Rooms are not serviced on Good Friday, Christmas, or New Year’s. We are prohibited by COVID-19 Lockdown Regulations to service rooms daily. If there is anything that you require, please enquire from Reception, Rooms Service or alternately Management at 076 397 0465.
  12. Please consider fellow guests and neighbors and keep the noise level down AFTER 6 p.m.
  13. “If you break it, you bought it.”
  14. Note the CCTV Cameras on the Premises for your security.
  15. The Golden Rule applies. Treat other guests the way you wish to be treated yourself.
  16. Management retains the right to swap rooms.
  17. Pet Policy:
    1. Pets may be accommodated subject to prior approval. An additional pet-fee may apply and will be calculated at ZAR 150.00 per 10 kg increment bodyweight or portion thereof per pet per night.
    2. Pets must be accompanied by their owner at all times and may not be left alone in a room.
    3. No pets on the beds.
    4. A pet deposit may be applicable.
    5. You are responsible for cleaning after your pet; failure to do so will result in a ZAR1000 fine. You are responsible for any and all damages your pet may cause.
    6. No Hyenas, Lions, Leopards or house cats will be allowed. Cheetahs Welcome.
    7.  No dangerous or aggressive animals are allowed.
    8. No Fleas allowed.
  18. A guest can never, and under no circumstances, become a tenant. The rights of Tenants do NOT apply to Guests.
  19. All belongings of guests serves as security, and may not be removed from the room until all outstanding payments have been made.
  20. No unauthorized visitors are allowed. A guest will be fined R1000 per person for every unauthoriAzed visitor that they bring onto the premises.
    If you want to receive day visitors, kindly make arrangements with management to receive proper approvals
  21. A Full Pre-Payment is required in order to confirm your reservation.
  22. Management Retains the right to suspend the stay of any guest with immediate effect who in any way abuses the establishment or bring its reputation into disrepute. The absolute discretion of the manager will apply in this regard. No refunds will be issued.
  23. The Following Cancellation Policy applies:
    1. Forfeit 100% of the Total if the guest cancels 42 or fewer days before arrival
    2. Forfeit 0% of the Total if the guest cancels 43 or more days before arrival.
    3. A 20% handling fee applies where refunds are applicable.
  24.  Guests who are recovering after hospitalization must either be accompanied by an adult or provide a doctor’s note indicating their ability to care for themselves.